Seç Electronic Voting and Survey Systems

With Blockchain Technology your Surveys are Faster, Safer and More Transparent

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Meet the Unique Features of Seç

Easy to Use

Seç is designed to allow people from all age groups to participate to both survey and elections.

Data Retention Policy

Blockchain technology and cryptology allow us to conduct electronic selection and surveys without keeping our customers' data.

Unique Design

You can easily create and launch surveys to Seç from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Leading the Industry with Collective Intelligence

Anonymously learning the true views of your employees and customers, can help you with the steps you take.

Our Properties

Market Research

Market research is priceless to get the information you need to create and develop what you offer before, during and after your product or service offering.

Customer Satisfaction

Would you like to know what is right and what is wrong with your customers?

Meeting and Event Planning Survey

If you're planning an event and expect to improve on feedback, there's an easy way to make the survey an integral part of your success.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

When you have employee feedback and survey results, you will be able to monitor improvements so that you can improve your employees' productivity and morale.

Access Your Data in Real Time

Whether you follow the data of your survey live, or we can submit your reports when the process is completed.